Certified Mechanics & Authorized Dealer

Bodnar Boat Work’s staff consist of Volvo Penta marine mechanics who are trained specifically in boat & yacht mechanical repair. We are Volvo/Penta & Mercury Marine factory certified.

Volvo Penta Certified

Volvo Certified Boat Repair Volvo Penta is a leading manufacture of power systems for marine use with a engine range from 10 to 800 hp. Quality, reliability, operational economy and high level of service has always been the core values within Volvo Penta.

Volvo Penta Drives

Volvo Penta is the number one innovator in drive technology for boats. 1959 saw the introduction of the Aquamatic, the world’s first in what is now known as sterndrives. In 1974, the Saildrive gave builders of sailboats and yachts a drive alternative with better performance, lower noise and vibrations. Today’s line-up of drives is second to none, with the whole range launched in the last 4 years.
To ensure the best possible drive systems we develop, manufacture and service everything from engines to drives and propellers our selves. Read more about these and other groundbreaking Volvo Penta innovations on the Innovations website. Every Volvo Penta drive is a part of a complete propulsion system. The drive is specially developed to work with a series of engines and you cannot freely combine drives and engines. This integration means you get Exceptional efficiency with:

  • High Performance
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • High Reliability
  • Long Service Life
  • Low Noise and Vibrations
  • Loads of Driving Fun!

Selling Volvo Penta Products

New D4/D6 Propulsion Packages

Prop to helm upgrade

With over 100,000 units produced, the Volvo Penta D4 and D6 marine propulsion packages got a comprehensive helm-to-prop update, delivering more power and reliability, while operating costs are cut by a third. The updates include newly designed engines, a completely new aquamatic sterndrive, an updated IPS drive and an upgraded Electronic Vessel Control System.

Volvo Penta’s new generation D4 and D6 marine engines power big improvements

Volvo Penta´s proven D4 and D6 marine engines get a full update that delivers more power, increased reliability and lower cost of ownership. Available from 150-480 hp.

Upgraded Inboard Performance System (IPS) and a brand new Aquamatic sterndrive (DPI)

Now offering a host of advanced engineering and technology upgrades that lower the cost of ownership, increase performance and reliability – not to mention allow future tech to be incorporated – Volvo Penta’s market-leading IPS and DPI driveline systems set the bar even higher in the marine sector.

New generation Electronic Vessel Control system

The sophisticated Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system has been designed with the complete boat in mind. With an all-new electrical architecture, the upgraded EVC system (EVC2) offers new features, such as a single connection point and the possibility to manage EVC functions for the complete vessel and driveline independently.

Smooth & Silent Shifting

Now standard across our sterndrive range, smooth and silent shifting brings added comfort and a better experience to boating. The introduction of silent shift across Volvo Penta’s span of sterndrive solutions is part of our commitment to delivering the ultimate onboard experience for customers.

The silent shift feature is available on the new Volvo Penta DPI Aquamatic sterndrive, the Volvo Penta D3 and its full line of gasoline sterndrives – including the Volvo Penta Forward DriveSX single prop drive and DPS duoprop drive.

A unique ease to docking and/or driving is possible with the Joystick, increasing comfort and maneuverability.
Glass Cockpit System
The Glass Cockpit System collects and displays all driver information in one place via a single interface. It is integrated with the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control system (EVC) and provides a full overview and control of navigation and engine data, together with add‐on options.
Dynamic Positioning System
Automatically maintaining the boat´s heading and position, our DPS is perfect for docking or remaining stationary in currents or windy conditions.
Volvo Penta’s Autopilot with Shadow Drive is a complete auto-steering solution to support to the boat driver. It delivers accurate course keeping and smooth course turns at all speeds.

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