Boat Insurance & Claims

What you need to know about Boat Insurance & Claims

Owner, Dana Bodnar, at Bodnar Boat Works, explains the best boat insurance companies from vessel claims in his 25 years of experience.

He explains, how many low-cost insurance companies over the past few years have seasoned their adjusters to pay you the least amount possible for your claim. That is the goal.

He also explains, how a few great insurance companies still have business ethics out there and will payout for the full amount based on the damage inspected and anticipated repair cost. Customer safety and ethics are the goals.

Bodnar Boat Works wants to ensure your boat is safe when returned and many insurance companies try to push the boat repair facilities to cut costs leaving poor repair jobs from the claim and potentially bad customer service.

It’s time to ensure your boat insurance company is ethical when things happen and don’t go as planned.

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