Fiberglass Repair

Welcome to Bodnar Boat Works, your premier destination for top-notch fiberglass repair services! Whether you own a Bayliner, Maxum, MasterCraft, Chapparal, or any other brand of boat, and whether it’s a Pontoon, Bass, or Ski Boat, rest assured that our team is equipped with the latest techniques to restore your vessel’s luster to perfection.

Drawing upon Dana Bodnar’s extensive experience in boat building and lamination processes, our team possesses a profound understanding of how boats are constructed. This expertise enables us to execute repairs with precision, ensuring that every layer contributes to the strength and aesthetic appeal of your boat’s exterior.

No matter the current condition of your vessel, Andrew Bodnar and his dedicated team will work tirelessly to ensure that once we’re done, your boat will stand proudly alongside the newest vessels in the marina, radiating beauty and excellence. Trust Bodnar Boat Works for unparalleled fiberglass repair services that exceed expectations every time.

Before & After

Discover the incredible results of Bodnar Boat Works’ fiberglass repair expertise through our before and after photos. See how our skilled team utilizes advanced techniques to restore boats to their former glory, repairing fiberglass damage with precision and care. From minor touch-ups to extensive restorations, our commitment to excellence shines through in every project. Trust Bodnar Boat Works to bring your vessel back to life, ensuring it stands proudly alongside the newest boats in the marina, boasting a flawless finish.

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